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Ethics Education Customization
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Customized Ethics Education


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How It Works:

  • You select two 50-minute module topics as a basis for your customized presentation. See available ethics module topics below.
  • Presenter Chad Weinstein will interview 3-5 people (per your recommendation) to gauge your company needs, corporate culture and values, examples relevant to your employees, areas of specific interest, etc.
  • Interview information is incorporated into the two major topics you select. An introduction and conclusion are added, all tailored to your organization.
  • A customized presentation (including customized training materials) is conducted on-site at your location.



  • $3000
  • Discounts provided to MnSPE/MPEF Partners (25% discount for diamond partners; 20% discount for platinum partners; 15% discount for gold partners; 10% discount for silver partners). See our current partners.


Your fee includes:

  • A customized two hour presentation on-site at your location.
  • Customized session materials created specifically for your in-house presentation.
  • All pre-session interviews and other personal insights to create your customized presentation.
  • Ethics education for any/all of your employees. There is no per-person fee.
  • A blank, customizable certificate for your distribution to all attendees.



Ethics Content Modules:

Building Effective and Ethical Teams Quickly and Efficiently - There is a big difference between a group of people and a team that creates more than the sum of its members' individual contributions. This session will consider the essential elements of effective teams, looking at the ethical dimensions of team dynamics such as superordinate team goals, shared expectations and commitments, conflict management and mutual trust. It will address diagnosis and resolution of common team problems as well.

Building an Ethical Team and Workplace Culture - Organizational culture consists of the shared beliefs, tacit understandings and "ways things get done" that don't usually get written down. Team and organizational cultures develop and change whether leaders attend to them or not. This session will provide leaders with insights and approaches for guiding organizational cultures to reflect professional and organizational values, guiding members to act in ways that reflect positively on their teams and organizations.

Moral Risks: Creating Clarity in Complex Professional Relationships - Conflicts of interest and conflicting interests are real! As the commercial relationships have become more complex, professionals must understand their duties with respect to various stakeholders. Beyond honoring those duties, some commercially-savvy professionals also invest in deeper relationships, turning select transactional partners into trust-based, shared-destiny strategic relationships. This session will address the ethical and practical dimensions of business relationships for engineering professionals.

Ethical Persuasion and Difficult Conversations - As subject matter experts, sometimes we have to do more than present our conclusions; sometimes we have to persuade others of the right approach or perspectives. This session provides practical techniques for changing minds while strengthening, rather than straining, relationships. It also helps engineers understand the emotional dynamics of difficult conversations so they can navigate these waters more effectively in pursuit of the best overall outcomes.

Ethical Decision-Making for Multiple Stakeholder Teams - Making decisions together can be challenging, whether we are working on a project team with clients, owner representatives or other stakeholders, or within the structure of professional service firms. Fair Process Decision-Making is a framework that has been shown to preserve a sense of trust among those affected by a decision, even among those who do not "get their way." This session will also address how to use shared values as decision criteria.

Professionalism 2.0: Operationalizing Engineering Values - The term "professional" gets bandied about quite a bit. At its core, professionalism includes the application of specialized expertise, using judgement under conditions of uncertainty, in service to a client or principal. It also includes licensure, membership with other practitioners and continuous improvement. This module will consider how engineers apply these concerns to be and remain at their best, consistent with their duties as professionals - to clients, to the public and to the profession.



About Chad Weinstein and Ethical Leaders in Action:

Charles A. "Chad" Weinstein is president of Ethical Leaders in Action, LLC and author of Thinking Aloud: Reflections on Ethical Leadership. Ethical Leaders in Action (ELA) provides leadership development, education and strategic consulting services to business and professional, public safety and health care organizations. Chad is a frequent presenter at conferences, seminars and events, and is a community faculty member of Metropolitan State University.


Chad has been a consultant and manager for over 25 years. Prior to forming ELA, Chad founded and led the Hill Center for Ethical Business Leadership, a division of the James J. Hill Reference Library. He has led teams and business units serving clients in many industries, including medical devices, pharmaceuticals and consumer products; mining, energy and mineral extraction; public safety; health care; and financial and professional services.


Chad holds an MA and a PhD in ethics (philosophy) from the University of Minnesota and a BA in philosophy from the University of Wisconsin.




Email Mary at MnSPE or call us at 651.457.2347.



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